Human Resource Management Service


Human Resource Management is vital complex component for healthcare providers and facilities. HBC recognizes the complexity of HRM and places importance in the following areas:

PAYROLL PROCESSING:  HBC works with all office sizes, HR directors, and small business owners bringing detailed level of experience to every client we proudly serve. From locally owned businesses and startups, to the established hospitality and manufacturing sector, HBC Payroll is ready with scalable solutions that targets today’s economic challenges head-on and provides sound guidance to keep your business on the right mark.

PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENTHBC recognizes the importance of individual and team performance in order to increase excellence within a provider’s office or facility and to hold all faculty/providers and staff accountable by rewarding both individual and team performance. With HBC’s tailored Performance Strategy, administrators, directors, managers and supervisors will be able to provide feedback and coaching to employees in a more effective and timely manner, thus impacting the overall performance of the provider’s office, facility or department.

DEVELOPMENT AND LEARNING: HBC involves all individuals in a practice or facility settings to actively engage in the learning process and encourage the responsibility for their own development. Course lesson plans are created specifically to fit the need of the provider’s or facility’s request.  Management courses and training are available. 

  • TWC Filings 
  • Payroll Services 
  • 940/941 filing
  • Employment Backgrounds 
  • Employee Handbook 
  • Conflict Resolution EEO 
  • Staff Development and Training  


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