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Healthcare Business Connection, LLC is a business services company for physician, dental and non physician providers. We embody and process the business duties for our clients or custom tailor to needs. HBC fuses the traditional methods of business process with innovate technology from our Partners. Balancing patients and administrative work is where we help. ​HBC serves as a business partner, liaison, and coach, capable of managing entire medical practices, or only the areas you need.

Our main focus is on relieving our clients from the time and hassle of identifying and maintaining business processes which become burdensome to providers. We assist our clients and allow the focus of their time and attention on patients. HBC provides additional understanding with administration management, human resource and payroll services, credentialing, revenue cycle management, IT management, and compliance as we complement our client's current team.

HBC offers physicians, dentists, hospitals, and providers a “one-stop resource” to enhance business.


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"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value."

​--Albert Einstein